Source/ The Buzz Paper

Compare notes with other Money Heist/La Casa de Papel fans and you’ll find everyone can tell you how long it took them to binge on the fourth part. The answer would be somewhere around three days or less. However, it’s an undeniable fact that we are ready for the next chapter of the show.

The highly-anticipated series finally landed on the streaming site on April 3, and all of its eight episodes have been released. As many fans are waiting for “Money Heist” season 5 renewal news, series creator Alex Pina shared his two cents on the matter.

Since Netflix has not released any update yet, he admitted that he himself is not certain about it yet.

He revealed that he heard from fan comments and other sources that “Money Heist” season 5 has been confirmed, and even the sixth season was also given the “go” signal. However, he said that no one from Netflix had informed him about it as yet.

“Someone knows there will be a fifth season, but we don’t,” he told the Spanish outlet ABC. “There were discussions about it but there is no official decision as of this time.” He added.

He also mentioned, “with La Casa De Papel, we go game by game, like Simeone,” script coordinator, Javier Gomez Santander, told the outlet, we do not ever consider how long the show can last.”

“Money Heist” season 5 is predicted to have longer exposure to the new character called Manila. Fans theorized that she would be the gang member who will kill Arturo. She shot the hated character after learning he raped their fellow hostage Amanda and Manila went after Arturo.

But then, since he was only shot in the leg and likely to live, it was predicted that in “Money Heist” Season 5, Manila will not let him get away with it and will hunt him until he’s dead. Finally, the upcoming installment, if renewed, is likely to return to screens in end of 2021.