There are rumblings in the cricketing circles as Mohsin Naqvi, the incumbent head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), appears set to bid farewell to his premier position.

Naqvi was elected at PCB chairman last month, however, now the reports suggest that he is set to join the federal cabinet, leaving PCB chairman post.

Broadcast journalist Muneeb Farooq has hinted at Naqvi’s impending departure, sparking speculation about his next move.

Reports suggest that Naqvi may be eyeing a significant role in the federal cabinet, with predictions swirling about his potential appointment as the Interior Minister.

This anticipation aligns with the unfolding of names within the new national coalition, which is unveiling key figures with each passing day.

To materialize this transition, Naqvi would likely need to secure a position as a Senator in the Upper House. Elections for the Upper House are scheduled for later this month, following the end of the six-year tenures of multiple lawmakers.

Alternatively, Naqvi could be tapped for the role of Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on the Interior, a pivotal position in the government’s administrative framework.

However, Naqvi’s tenure at the helm of the PCB has not been without controversy. His appointment to the PCB’s Board of Governors by the Caretaker Prime Minister has faced legal challenges in the Islamabad High Court.

The petitioner has argued that a Caretaker PM lacks the authority to appoint a specific individual as the head of the PCB, contending that such decisions should rest with the elected Prime Minister.

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