In the wake of Pakistan’s disappointing performance in the T20 World Cup 2024, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Mohsin Naqvi has approved a comprehensive plan to revamp and promote quality domestic cricket across all levels.

The decision came during a crucial meeting at the National Cricket Academy, chaired by Naqvi himself. This meeting followed Pakistan’s early exit from the World Cup, marked by surprising losses to both the USA and India. Naqvi expressed his disappointment, particularly over the defeat of India, and emphasized the need for significant changes.

Call for Major Surgery

Naqvi after the loss against India called for major surgery in Pakistan cricket, hinting towards major decisions to be taken in order to improve the cricket system.

“It seemed that a minor surgery would suffice for the Pakistan cricket team, but after the extremely poor performance, it has become clear that the team needs major surgery,” Naqvi stated during a press conference after the loss to India.

pakistan-batting-lineup-crumbles-against-indiaYesterday’s meeting was apparently the first step towards the ‘major surgery.’ During the meeting, the focus was on strengthening domestic cricket in the country. Naqvi gave his approval to a plan aimed at promoting quality cricket from the club level all the way to the national level.

This initiative is seen as a crucial step towards rebuilding and enhancing the overall standard of Pakistani cricket.

One point of concern among fans and former players is the apparent lack of ex-cricketers in the planning process. Nadeem Khan, the brother of former cricketer Moin Khan and PCB’s Director of High Performance, was the only former player present.

This has raised questions about the inclusivity and breadth of experience in the decision-making process.


Further Developments

Moving ahead, Mohsin Naqvi also announced plans to organize domestic tournaments covering all three formats of the game. These tournaments aim to nurture talent and provide a competitive platform for players to showcase their skills. The emphasis will be on performance, fitness, and merit as the key criteria for player advancement.

“Performance, fitness, and merit will be the key criteria for advancing players,” he reiterated. This raises the question: if these criteria are to be strictly followed now, what were the selection standards previously?

The meeting also included a review of the domestic cricket structures of various high-performing cricket nations. However, in the past, we have seen the failure of experiments to mirror Australia’s domestic system in Pakistan.

Well, there’s hope that these changes will pave the way for a stronger and more competitive Pakistan cricket team.

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