Pakistani actor Mohib Mirza has made a revelation surrounding his delayed announcement of his marriage to Sanam Saeed.

During his appearance on Hassan Choudhary’s talk show, “The Talk Talk Show,” Mohib Mirza not only addressed the timing of his marital announcement but also delved into his perspective on marriage as a whole and the dynamics of gender roles.

A particularly inquisitive audience member questioned Mohib about the timing of his marriage announcement, leading to a somewhat defensive response. Mohib emphasized his autonomy, stating, “What do you know about when my marriage took place? There’s a difference between love confession and marriage. I’ve announced it several times; how many more times should I do it?.

When quizzed about who takes charge at home in his marriage, Mohib Mirza humorously debunked the traditional notion of being a ‘gentleman.’ He playfully justified that men cannot be overly ‘shareef’ due to their inherent nature.

Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed confirmed their relationship in March 2023 during Fahad Mustafa’s talk show, “The Fourth Umpire.” Surprisingly, they had tied the knot back in 2021 but had kept their relationship under wraps, never disclosing the actual date of their marriage.

Mohib disclosed that he began developing romantic feelings for Sanam during the shoot of their drama, “Deedan,” which was released in 2018. The shooting commenced in 2016-17, a time when Mohib was still married to Aamina Sheikh. Their divorce in 2019 paved the way for Mohib to enter a new chapter in his life with Sanam Saeed.

Here’s the full interview:

On the professional front, Mohib Mirza’s drama, “Razia,” is receiving acclaim and reaching new heights of success. The drama features the talented Mahira Khan, adding to the duo’s impressive body of work in the industry.

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