Mohib Mirza Heartbroken Over Daughter's Whereabouts
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As the world celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday, some missed their fathers on this special day. However, there were some unfortunate fathers out there who were far, far away from their little ones.

As painful and heartbreaking this may sound, there are millions of people who couldn’t celebrate Father’s Day the way they wanted to. For most children, getting through this day was tiring and exhausting, and the same goes for parents.

Mohib Mirza and Aaminah Sheikh part ways

Among the many fathers who were away from their children, actor, producer, and director Mohib Mirza was one of them. Mohib Mirza and ex-wife Aaminah Sheikh parted ways after 14 years of their marriage. The couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Meissa, after ten years of marriage in 2015. Moreover, the news of their divorce had left many heartbroken as this was one couple that people looked up to.


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Moreover, Aaminah and Mohib are among the very few couples that were considered the strongest and multi-talented power couple. The two have showcased their prolific talent in many projects, including Pakistani films, which genuinely proved what they’re capable of.

The reveal of their separation 

Mirza himself revealed the news of their separation in an interview with Ahsan Khan on a local TV channel. During the meeting, Mohib was blatantly asked if whether or not he’s still together with Aaminah Sheikh. To which, Mirza said, “No, we aren’t together.”

On Father’s Day 2020, Mohib was heartbroken over the fact that he wasn’t able to celebrate this special day with his daughter, let alone the fact that he was unaware of his daughter’s whereabouts.

Here’s the post-Mohib Mirza had shared on Father’s Day

Looking at Mohib’s post, it seems like Mohib and Aaminah have cut off all ties as he has no clue about his daughter’s whereabouts. Moreover, according to rumors, several sources have claimed that Aaminah flew to the US with daughter Meissa and spent quite some time there. Furthermore, sources also claimed the couple’s divorce was made official last year, and the mother, Aaminah has the sole custody of their daughter.

What are your thoughts about this Aaminah and Mohib’s separation? Do you think Aaminah should let Mohib meet their daughter? How important is a father’s role in his daughter’s life? Let us know in the comments below.

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