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Mohammad Rizwan has addressed rumours surrounding his batting order preferences, firmly stating his commitment to adaptability and the team’s triumphs.

In an exclusive interview with a local sports channel, Rizwan quashed any notions of reluctance to adjust his batting position, declaring, “I never refused to play one down. When I was asked, I said I am absolutely available.”

Demonstrating his versatility and unwavering dedication, Rizwan expressed his openness to bowling and even stepping away from wicket-keeping duties if the team demands it.

“If I am needed for bowling, I am ready for that too. I can even leave my wicket-keeping,” he reaffirmed.

Highlighting his diverse role in the team, Mohammad Rizwan pointed out his appearances across various batting positions.

“If you look at my career so far, in 26 matches, I have gone to bat at numbers 7, 8, and 9. No batsman has gone in at number 9, I have. I cannot say that I will not do this. I was ready before, and I am still ready now,” he asserted confidently.

Addressing recent team losses and changes in the opening pair alongside Babar Azam, Rizwan clarified that attributing defeats to batting order adjustments would be misguided.

“I did not say that it hurt Pakistan because we were split as an opening pair,” he clarified, urging a logical approach to decision-making for the betterment of Pakistan cricket.

In conclusion, Rizwan emphasized the importance of strategic planning, with the coach and captain playing pivotal roles in determining the team’s best interests.

He cited examples from recent tours, advocating for a logical and cohesive approach to optimize player performance and secure victories for Team Pakistan.

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