Former Pakistan men’s cricket team Director Mohammad Hafeez has dropped some bombshell revelations about the players’ behavior and approach during his tenure.

Serving as the Director from November 2023 to February 2024, and also as the interim head coach, Hafeez has some strong words following Pakistan’s group-stage exit from the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024.

Sleeping During Test Matches?

In a candid conversation with England’s Michael Vaughan and Australia’s Adam Gilchrist, Hafeez didn’t hold back. He claimed that players were actually sleeping in the dressing room during Test matches. Yes, you read that right—sleeping!

“You tell me, Gilly [Gilchrist], if a player is sleeping in the dressing room while we’re playing Test cricket. 4-5 players are sleeping in the dressing room. Should I allow that as a team director?” Hafeez questioned, clearly frustrated.

Source: Cricinfo

Vaughan, trying to lighten the mood, asked, “Are they tired?” Hafeez, however, kept a serious tone, “I really don’t know. I went into the dressing room and found 4-5 players sleeping while playing Test cricket. I was like, ‘How come you guys can do that?’ If you do something like this, you cannot be a part of this team.”

The Importance of Focus

Hafeez emphasized the importance of focus while playing professional cricket. He clarified that he never interfered in players’ personal lives but expected them to stay focused during games.

“I want you guys to stay focused during the game and off the game, whatever you guys do, it is your own life; I never get involved in it. But in the professional timings of the game, I want you guys to focus on the game,” he continued.

Source: PCB

Hafeez explained that even if players needed rest, they should still stay engaged with the game.

“Stay in touch. If you are a fast bowler, you can have a rest and a good ice bath, but you need to concentrate on the game of cricket, like how the other team is also doing. You cannot switch yourself off during the game, but unfortunately, the media didn’t like it,” he concluded.

Mohammad Hafeez and the PCB decided to part ways in February, marking the end of their association after only four months, having assumed the role in November of the previous year.

During his tenure, Pakistan suffered a 3-0 defeat in the Test tour to Australia and faced a 4-1 loss in the five-match T20 series in New Zealand.

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