Former Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez has voiced concern regarding the selection criteria and player inclusions in the national cricket team.

Expressing his reservations, Hafeez took to social media to voice his concerns, particularly regarding the absence of certain players from domestic cricket.

He posted “#RIP Pakistan domestic cricket” on his official X (formerly Twitter) account after the announcement of Pakistan’s squad for T20I series against New Zealand.

In a recent interview, Hafeez elaborated on his post, shedding light on the rationale behind his statement.

He questioned the selection committee’s decision to recall players like Imad Wasim and Mohammad Amir, who have been absent from domestic cricket for an extended period.

Addressing the comeback of Imad Wasim and Mohammad Amir to the national team despite their prolonged absence from domestic cricket, Hafeez raised valid concerns.

“We have two players, Imad and Amir, who have not played domestic cricket for many years, they were brought back in the team,” stated Hafeez.

He highlighted Amir’s hiatus of 3-4 years from domestic cricket, coupled with his retirement, yet his inclusion in the team.


Furthermore, Hafeez expressed reservations about Imad Wasim’s return, citing his lack of participation in domestic cricket and his preference for league cricket over national representation in past.

“Imad Wasim had some objections. But, I talked to him and told him that whatever has happened has happened in past, we will look after you going forward if you play for Pakistan. However, he said no. He wanted to play leagues, but he was brought back.”

For the unversed, Hafeez as team director requested both Amir and Wasim to reconsider their international retirements but the players denied.


In addition, Hafeez underscored the demotivating impact of such selections on aspiring cricketers in the domestic circuit, particularly highlighting the case of Usman Khan.

While acknowledging Khan’s talent, Hafeez emphasized the disconnection between selection criteria and domestic cricket performance, expressing concern for the future motivation of domestic players.

“I have great respect for Usman Khan’s talent, but he is not part of Pakistan’s system. How will you motivate thousands of cricketers in the domestic circuit who work day and night and play domestic cricket when your selection criteria is not based on domestic cricket performance?”


“That’s why I tweeted that after the inclusion of these three players, you have killed your domestic cricket,” he concluded.

Hafeez’s critique sheds light on the discrepancies in Pakistan cricket’s selection process, raising questions about the importance and recognition of domestic cricket talent.

His remarks underscore the need for a more transparent and merit-based approach to player selection, ensuring that domestic cricket remains a vital pathway for aspiring cricketers in Pakistan.

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