Modern Problems - Suzuki

We’re living in the modern era where technology is leading us to new milestones of success and progress, from the invention of cars to being able to purchase them from the comfort of your home with just a good internet connection, we have come a long way.

World Wide Web has made many things easy and possible for us, it keeps us connected with our friends from different countries, lessens the distance, gave us our own personal cinema, our personalized food streets. Everything and anything is available on the internet, even if you want to purchase automobiles, you can do it right away!

We all realized how important and necessary internet has become for us and how helpful it proved to be in the current situation that the world is going through: the global pandemic! The world literally came to a halt, but as they say “The show must go on” and so everyone improvised and adapted according to the situation. Everyone moved towards digital medium as physical interaction was one of the main reasons behind the spread of COVID-19.

Retail brands easily shifted their business modules online. Similarly, Pak Suzuki brought most of their business online and introduced online booking for their customers, an easy way for the customers to view and book a car of their choice from the comfort of their home with online payments. The requirement is only to fill a google form where you put in your details and then press a button to make the booking. The customer is also given promotional prices which are lower than the usual.

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It’s fascinating that how dramatically times have changed, you can now book your next car online, amazing!

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