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Famed model Mushk Kaleem has just come out with her story, and it’ll give you goosebumps.

Behind The Perfect Photos

Mushk Kaleem rose to fame last year and landed campaigns with several big names. She says that 2019 had to be the best year for her in terms of her career. However, when it comes to her mental health, it had deteriorated completely at the same time.


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– Missing fashion week, my long hair and my size zero body 🤦🏻‍♀️ #MushkKaleem

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Struggling in Silence

Kaleem, the 6ft tall model, was weighing 48 kgs. She admitted being obsessed with her weight, constantly trying to reduce the inches on her waist or perfectly shape her body. She has just spoken out about dealing with body dysmorphia and anorexia.

Kudos to her for sharing this with everyone; it can not have been easy.

Hospitalized On Her Birthday

The model spoke about being admitted to the hospital on her 25th birthday because her body’s effects due to her mental health had gotten worse.

Since she would starve herself for up to 24 hours, she would start blacking out. She would faint regularly, would feel sick, and would feel unhappy. But as she said, “she was used to being unhappy.”

This Was Her Story!

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– National Mental Health Day: 10th October.♥️ 2019, was probably the most rewarding year of my career, but when I look back and think about all that I went through last year, I realise that my mental health had completely taken a back seat. I was a model, adapting to fame, success and accolades. Of course, everyone thought I was okay, living the dream. I knew then, that to complain about anything would be unthankful. I was hospitalised on my 25th birthday last year. I was almost 48 kilos and I was suffering from severe body dysmorphia. I would spend hours obsessing over my weight, about losing those few inches on my waist, about getting those perfect hips, or about just looking the part. I had started starving myself, not eating for 24 hours and more, I was abusing drugs, I was unhealthy. I was a 6ft girl suffering from severe anorexia. I would occasionally blackout. I needed help. I think it had less to do with my field of work and more to do with how I was okay with being so self-destructive. I was comfortable with being unhappy. But this is a happy story, I promise. Now a year later, I’m a happier person. I’ve been clean for more than a year. I have found support and happiness in my family, friends, and my pets. I have set boundaries that I never let people cross. I decided that I could still be beautiful, no matter what number the weighing scale would say. I took therapy. I put myself first. I tackled my issues head on, and at first it was scary and it aggravated my anxiety, but I’ve grown, and I’ve healed. It’s still an ongoing process of recovery that I’m on. But I’m glad I started somewhere. Our mental health impacts our thoughts, our actions and our lives. Here’s to taking care of our minds, our bodies, our souls. Happy National Mental Health day!♥️

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All’s Well That Ends Well

In her touching caption, however, she promises the readers that this is a happy story. Mushk Kaleem found love and support within her family and friends, who encouraged her to get better.

She hasn’t touched drugs in over a year, making her 1 year clean, which is a huge victory! Besides that, she’s slowly starting to accept that beauty or happiness does not depend on what the numbers on the weighing scale say.


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– Throwback: I remember getting this photo taken. It was right after Milan Fashion Week. I was out celebrating with @zahirrahimtoola and @sherezadr. The Duomo – one of the busiest, most touristy place in all of Milan. It was a beautiful night, people sitting listening to live music, holding hands, walking under the clear sky, breathing in chilly breezes and just letting the night-life of Milan sink in. We were celebrating one of the biggest highlights of my life, and a debut for Pakistan in the international Fashion game. Milan will always have my heart. But now, I see how the streets of Italy, like many other affected countries have become silent, empty, barren and life has come to a standstill because of the wave of corona virus that has brought the world to its knees. I see how our own country is now observing lockdown. In these hard, testing times all we need is love, support and positivity. Just wanted to take time out to send all of my love and prayers to everyone who is reading this- we are in all in this together. We are all going to come out of this stronger, if we really take necessary precautions. We will beat this, and once again the streets of our home, and other places that feel like home, will all breathe life and love. Milan, I’ll see you soon, and I’ll see you in all of your glory. Till then, stay strong. We’re all one, under the same sky, on the same ground, on the same beautiful planet ♥️ – #MushkKaleem #Milan #Italy #Covid_19 #Pakistan

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 She’s started therapy, she eats healthy, and she’s less obsessed with the impossible notions of “perfect.”

A Success Story Or Not, It’s Inspiring

We’ve seen it ourselves how speaking up about your experiences can help more than 1 person. It not only helps who was suffering by letting them put the burden of secrecy and perfect facade on their shoulders, but it also helps others.

Others who were going through the same thing but never found the courage to speak. Those who also feel afraid of speaking up and being judged. Or others who want to seek help.

We all have bad times in our lives; we need to find the strength to pick ourselves up. Here’s to those whose suffering we never even knew of.

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