Mishi Khan – host and actress have taken to her Instagram to share her thoughts on YouTuber Shiraz becoming a part of Ramadan transmission and needless to say that she is not happy.

After making Ahmed Shah a young star on the sets of Ramadan transmission, Waseem Badami has recruited another young star on his show Shan-e-Ramadan. Shirazi who hails from a small village in the north of Pakistan has become a nation heart-throb at such a young age. His charisma and innocence has taken over the internet both in Pakistan as well as internationally. Recently, he was awarded with a YouTube silver play button, which massively caught the internet’s attention.

However, another recent achievement for the young Muhammad Shiraz was coming on board at a Ramadan transmission. Shiraz was recruited by Waseem Badami for this year’s Ramadan transmission and after making Ahmed Shah a global star, Shirazi will sure be another fan favourite.

Meanwhile, Mishi Khan is certainly not happy with the decision and recorded a video message asking for the reason behind such an action. According to her, these show can take away the innocence from the kids and exploiting children in the name of transmissions and rating is a extremely disappointing.

Take a look at her detailed video message below.

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Waseem Badami Responds To Controversy

Waseem Badami, in his first episode of the Ramadan transmission, cleared the air about child star’s appearance on the show. Badami claimed that these children are not exploited by any means. Meanwhile, he tries his best within his capacity to look after them both on-screen and off-screen.

He further added that the entire team makes sure that these kids are full filing their duties as students as well and their appearance on the transmission doesn’t affect their daily life in any way.

Take a look at his detailed explanation regarding the instance below.

What are your thoughts about kids being a part of Ramadan transmission? Does it takes away from their innocence? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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