Former Pakistan captain and head coach Misbah-ul-Haq recently shared valuable advice to the recently reinstated national white-ball captain Babar Azam, highlighting the crucial aspects of experience and continuous improvement.

Misbah, during a recent interview, stressed that experience plays a pivotal role in shaping one’s leadership skills, and Babar will continue to learn and evolve with experience.

He particularly emphasized the need for Babar to strengthen his tactical acumen and learn from past mistakes to elevate his performance as a captain.


“Experience always enhances the captaincy, and there is always room for improvement. Babar needs to be stronger tactically. He needs to improve tactically on the mistakes we noticed in the past,” remarked Misbah.

Furthermore, Misbah underscored the significance of leading by example in captaincy. He urged Babar to set high standards in performance, fitness, and conduct, asserting that such leadership qualities can instil inspiration and drive within the team.

“The most important thing that I always say is setting an example. In your performances, your fitness, in everything, you have to push others by setting an example that everyone should do this. Babar can motivate others to strive for excellence,” emphasized Misbah.


While acknowledging Babar’s efforts in rallying the team, Misbah cautioned against supporting players for the wrong reasons like past. He encouraged Babar to provide unwavering support to the team, grounded in genuine motives.

“Babar showed promise in uniting the team, but it’s essential to back players for the right reasons, not for the wrong ones. This is something Babar needs to learn. Secondly, he needs to be better tactically as a captain,” added Misbah.

Babar Azam made his return as Pakistan’s captain in yesterday’s T20I against New Zealand, however, the weather played spoilsport and the match was abandoned after only two balls.

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