Ryan Reynolds
Image Source: Brandsynario

Wherever Ryan Reynolds comes in, the project automatically becomes a funny one. Recently, one after the other, he has been part of TVCs that are extremely hilarious. He is usually seen in the brands he is personally associated with. And so you would remember seeing him in Aviation Gin.

Ryan Reynolds and 2020

The best TVC he probably did was the one where he got into the character of Satan looking for a match at Match.com. Matching with ‘2020’, the disastrous year that would probably go down in history as a torturer, Satan and 2020 had a great time going around the deserted world.

Mint Mobile X Bitcoin

The crossover concept is not one that Ryan may have introduced, but he does employ it in the best possible way. In a Mint Mobile ad, a company that once again Ryan Reynolds has personal stakes in, he employed the concept using the bitcoin phenomenon. Ryan provided the voiceover for a person’s life who is a bitcoin investor. Considering bitcoin is all the rage these days, he used the idea to promote something completely unrelated, a mobile package.

Mint Mobile X Satan

In the new ad, Mint Mobile brings in Match.com’s Satan, who talks about his life joining a wireless network firm. Using Satan’s concept, whose commonly understood traits are soulless, torturing, someone who has an evil mind, Mint Mobile shows the character to fit well at their rival communication network. This way, without even telling what Mint Mobile offers, the ad had marketed the product all the while entertaining the audience.

Reynolds always brings an interesting concept to whatever he does. The idea is always minimalistic, but the way he executes it makes all the difference. And it makes the project hilarious. Remember the crossover where he promoted his Netflix movie, a TV brand, and Aviation Gin all in one?

Well, I would love to see Mint Mobile, Satan, and Aviation Gin on one screen.

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