Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ trademark) has signed 3 big contracts with Pakistan.

“We welcome a positive momentum in our trade and economic relations with Pakistani companies, which enables us to bring the cooperation to a new level,” MMZ noted.

The Q3 2017 was an especially successful period of cooperation from international manufacturers who have shown immense interest in investment in the automotive sector of the auto industry.

Credits go to the well-crafted foreign economic policy. According to the agreements, with Imperial Auto Store and M.S. Enterprises, MMZ is to supply spare parts for diesel engines.

In line with a deal worth over $138,000 with Pakistan’s Amwar Agencies, Minsk Motor Plant shall sell a batch of spare parts and D-244 diesel engines. MMZ also supplies these engines to Minsk Tractor Works as components for agricultural vehicles sold to Pakistan.

MMZ shall also supply engines and spare parts to Pakistan which then will be used to repair tractors operating in the country’s agriculture sector.

“MMZ is stepping up the effort to promote cooperation with the Pakistani companies, considering finance-related matters, and working individually with other Pakistani partner companies,” MMZ added.