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Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram are slowly becoming everyone’s OTP (as millennials would say) and this will totally explain why!

Getting Cheesy with Ahsan Khan

On a show with Ahsan Khan and Saboor Aly, Minal Khan opened up about her fiance. What is it that made Minal Khan made say yes to that ring? For her, it was how respectful he is towards her and others associated with her.

She’s sold on his respectful behaviour wherever she is concerned or even her relatives. He treats them all like he would treat his own and for Minal Khan, that matters most!

Who’s Learning From Whom?

If you have seen any couple in love, you must have seen this fight! Every time a virtue of one is pointed out, the other is hasty to get credit for that good quality. A similar thing is happening here as Minal Khan laughed over not knowing whether Ahsan Mohsin Ikram got it from her or she got it from him.

Ahsan Khan pointed out that Minal Khan behaves just as respectfully with not only her fiance but also his loved ones. Throwing it back to the time Ikram posted a photo of his dadi, Ahsan Khan remembered how Minal Khan was very loving towards the tribute. What goes around comes around?

The Controversial Couple

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram have stirred quite a bit of controversy ever since they came together. The two were clicked with Minal Khan sitting atop Ikram which angered netizens a lot. Moreover, their beach escapades and videos of Minal Khan shoving sand into her finance’s mouth were also not well-received.

However, they are in love and people’s hearts tend to soften seeing that. Or we hope they do!

What’s The Most Important Thing In A Relationship?

The latest series on Amazon Prime called “Modern Love” is based on real-life contributions to the “modern love” column in the New York Times. The show is a heartfelt episodic series of relationships that capture love today and we got to thinking, what is the most important thing in a relationship?

Though the answer will vary from person to person, Minal Khan’s answer is perhaps the most important and foundational. Nothing ever-lasting and fulfiling can be built on a foundation not based upon respect. We’re glad to see these lovebirds acknowledge that and implement it!

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