Credits: mhtoori.com

Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry, a Facebook user shared a post in which he explained how happy he felt when he found Minaar-e-Pakistan’s monument’s feature that many didn’t know about.

The lesser-known features of the monument were only visible when you see it from the eagle-eye view. The view displays a flower nestled on a star embraced by two crescents, a white and green one each.

Nasreddin Murat-Khan, a Russian migrant moved to Pakistan. The monument was the result of his brilliance. Reportedly, Khan wanted to produce a “memorial that would symbolize the force which shaped Pakistan.”

Archived by Google, as per a letter, Khan’s architecture firm’s letterhead comprises of, “Illeri H N Murat Khan and Associates.”


The post said, “Aerial view of the Minar e Pakistan designed by a Russia Architect Murat Khan who had migrated to Pakistan. Note the two crescents and a star. Genius geometry!”

The Citizens Archive Pakistan (CAP) collaborated with the search engine giant, Google. Together, they documented how the brilliant monument was produced.

The two crescents were seen from the eagle-eye view showing Khan’s exceptional talent. Two crescents represent East and West Pakistan.

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