Edge new update by Microsoft
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The internet is home to quite a lot of different browsers. Google Chrome is considered as one of the most prime ones. It has a lot of features and abilities built into it. You cannot ever get lost when it comes to browsing with chrome. The browser itself rose up through the ranks over the years. It started off as quite a simple one but then bloomed into something more. People love it because of the amount of customization that it offers.

Similarly, Microsoft has a browser by the name of ‘Edge’. Its simplistic and quality feel gives it a rank quite high on the food chain. It used to have its lacking but now it is slowly growing into a widely acceptable browser. In a recent update, they have left the users amazed. The browser can now allow you to search though browser history much faster!

Browser new update for Microsoft
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Browsing Till Infinity:

There was once a video, by Vsauce, which stated how one can count past infinity. Like every one of their videos, this one was no less in blowing up the minds of the people. Circling back to browsers, there are often tough competitions between them. People have, quite literally, had verbal battles on Reddit over this topic. Threads of more than ten thousand commends are quite common. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge are all part of that debate.

Microsoft Edge is yet another swiftly rising browser. To improve its user experience, it sneaks in small details and updates occasionally. Where you might have seen something, it might be different the next time. Over time, they have managed to come up with quite an impressive form of a browser. The old internet explorer does not even hold a candle to this.

The New Edge Update:

So, what we wish to talk about today is this new update. Here is how you can check it out. This is available through the Edge Canary early access channel. They see the most amounts of new updates and development. All you have to do, is open your browser history list tab. Users of the Canary can now navigate through history with yet another search bar. Simply write the name or URL of the site and it’ll take you straight to it.

This seems like quite a useful application for people who are searching for their history with speed. Sometimes, you just have to know the name of the song you searched on Youtube. Maybe you clicked on a good song recommendation and cannot recall the name. This is an ingenious feature!

Microsoft Edge new update
Image Source: blogs.windows.com

More Updates:

This is not the only update we have seen recently. Microsoft Edge has really jacked up their user experience for the viewer. They are constantly updating the theme and look of the browser. According to statistics, the user base of Microsoft Edge is expected to overtake that of Mozilla Firefox. This is said to happen by the end of 2021.

We hope there is much more to see in regards of browser updates.

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