Weird Expensive Keyboard
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In an age where AI is seamlessly integrating into everything from our fridges to our fitness routines, Microsoft has boldly taken the next logical step: embedding AI into a keyboard. Yes, you heard it right. For the low, low price of $450!, you can now own a keyboard that not only types but also presumably ponders the meaning of life.

The Keyboard With An Existential Crises

Microsoft’s most recent entry into the high-end keyboard market is the Surface Pro Flex Keyboard, which works with the Surface Pro 8, 9, 10, and 11 models. Because nothing says “I’m living in the future” like calling upon an AI to help with your existential dread while you type an email, it boasts a dedicated Copilot key.

Microsoft Keyboard
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However, let’s discuss what actually counts: the cost. This keyboard is more expensive ($450) than a full-fledged gaming console or a round-trip ticket to the northern areas. Some might contend that the keyboard ought to at least have a personal AI butler who prepares coffee and offers guidance on life, considering the high cost. Sadly, to put it simple; it doesn’t.

Shoving AI Into Everything!

Integration of AI is becoming commonplace and can be found in the most unlikely locations. AI is now present in toothbrushes, vehicles, and phones. However, a keyboard? The “throw AI at it” strategy appears to have reached new heights, or perhaps new lows….*looks at Microsoft*.

Microsoft AI Button
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The AI button is an odd inclusion. Like Microsoft posed the question, “What do people need while typing?” and “Artificial Intelligence!” was yelled by someone who was presumably running late for the meeting or just disturbed. Thus, the AI button was created, or born whatever works.

What’s The Big Deal About The Price?

For the same money as this keyboard, you could treat yourself to a sturdy wheeled ergonomic chair, a big party speaker, or even some of the best noise-canceling headphones available in the market! This is especially useful for people who prefer real-world experiences over virtual ones.

Better Options
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Alternatively, you may donate to a charity and possibly make a difference in someone’s life if you’re feeling very giving. However, while you type your resignation letter, our latest and greatest keyboard is likely capable of calculating the direction of your career collapse.

The Public Responds!

Expensive tech products frequently elicit responses from the public that range from disbelief to being simply outrageous. It appears that people are more in favor of the latter when it comes to Microsoft’s AI keyboard. “No one asked for this, and yet here we are” is a common feeling expressed in comments posted all over the internet. It’s as if Microsoft made the decision to provide a product no one had imagined in response to a question no one asked.

Stay tuned for more mind boggling tech like this; this is your favorite friendly neighborhood techie, Zayaan, Signing Off!

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