Over the past few days, women all over the world have been using the #MeToo and boldly telling their tales of sexual harassment.

The story behind #MeToo

While our social feeds have been flooded with the brave tales of women surviving sexual abuse and rape, many might not be aware that it has gone viral as a reaction to the recent controversy about Harvey Weinstein.

The Hollywood producer has decades worth of sexual assault allegations, with many American actresses like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow accusing him of harassment.

#Metoo exposed the ubiquity of sexual assault in Pakistan

Via the full-blown movement, the world- especially men- have realized that rape is not something we can now stay silent about.

The crucial matter needs to be discussed as it is a violation of a woman’s body, her boundary, and consent.

Its implications are life-changing and even damaging beyond our wildest imagination.

Pakistani women have actively participated in the trend & the shocking numbers proved that how common sexual abuse in our society.

It is worth mentioning that even men are subjected to sexual harassment. Even they get abused and are vulnerable to sexual assault like women. Certainly, females have been the wronged sex for ages, but even men are on the receiving end of brutalities.

Hence, a lot of male public figures too jumped onto the #metoo bandwagon and shared their tales of torture to the world.

A call to Action!

It is important to realize that how much power a man has in this whole equation. 

For every lady that has survived sexual harassment, there is a man or men who have acted as a catalyst in violating a woman’s right.

Now, men are coming forward with their confession about sexual harassment with #itwasme.

However, there will still be a lot of guys who will remain silent about the role they have played in rape culture.

They still have not taken responsibility nor have intervened to end the epidemic of sexual assault

There is only so much a social media hashtag can do! While we may think that it can not create any major difference, it surely is a step in the right direction.

Consequently, women in Pakistan who are commonly hushed and suppressed to voice out their rights will feel empowered, motivated and even safe to speak the unspeakable.

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