ali zafar and meesha shafi
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On October 11th, Ali Zafar took to his Twitter account to announce that Meesha Shafi’s case had been dismissed at the court.

Calling Shafi an opportunist who made fake allegations, Ali claimed that a precedent had been set by him and his team through this case.

He had always maintained that, due to people like Shafi, genuine cases of the #MeToo movement suffer while the fake ones benefit wrongly from it.

Ali and his wife, Ayesha Fazli also mentioned in their respective tweets that soon they will put out the evidence publicly for everyone to see and learn from.

Many of the rock star’s fans and followers began celebrating the ‘victory’.


However, soon after, the other side of the story emerged. The side that nobody shed any light on earlier.

It turns out that Ali Zafar has not been declared guilty in the court. Instead, the court has dismissed the case on the matter of legal jurisdiction, which means the ombudsperson does not have the jurisdiction to hear the case.

Sadly, because it was filed as a case of harassment during work, the court simply said that workplace harrassment does not apply to Meesha and Ali’s case as they weren’t working as ’employees’ of the same company.

It simply sounds like there is no sexual harassment law in place to protect women who are self employed.

However, Meesha’s defamation suit on Ali is still there, unresolved, as Ali’s lawyer did not respond to it at the hearing.

Hence, October 17th (today) is the last day for Ali and his team to file a response to it.

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