On Tuesday, Meta announced the end of its blanket ban on the word “shaheed,” which means “martyr” in English. This decision follows a year-long review by Meta’s independent oversight board. The review concluded that the company’s previous approach to the word was overly broad.

Criticism and Human Rights Concerns

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has faced criticism for its handling of content related to the Middle East. A 2021 study, commissioned by Meta, highlighted that the company’s policies had a negative human rights impact on Palestinians and other Arabic-speaking users. These criticisms intensified with the hostilities between Israel and Hamas in October, further scrutinizing Meta’s content moderation practices.

Source: Reuters

Oversight Board’s Role

The oversight board, funded by Meta but operating independently, initiated its review because “shaheed” was responsible for more content removals than any other word or phrase on Meta’s platforms. The review, completed in March, found that Meta’s rules failed to account for the various meanings of “shaheed.” This oversight led to the removal of content that did not promote violence but was still flagged due to the word’s use.

Source: Reuters

Meta acknowledged the oversight board’s findings and adjusted its policy. The company stated that its tests showed that removing content only when “shaheed” was paired with other violating content would better capture potentially harmful material without disproportionately silencing users. This change aims to balance the need for safety on the platform with the importance of free expression.

Oversight Board’s Reaction

The oversight board welcomed Meta’s policy update, noting that the previous rules led to the censorship of millions of people across its platforms. The board emphasized that the updated policy would help ensure that content removals are more accurately targeted, reducing unnecessary censorship.

Meta’s decision to lift the ban on the word “shaheed” marks a significant shift in its content moderation strategy. The change comes after recognizing the diverse meanings of the word and the importance of context in content evaluation. By refining its policies, Meta aims to uphold human rights standards and provide a more balanced approach to content moderation on its platforms.

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