Bertha Benz tribute
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In light of International Women’s Day, Mercedes Benz has released a tribute video. It features a small portion of the life of Bertha Benz. You can assume which car we are talking about.

Women’s Day and the women in history

Women’s day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March. It is a day that represents the achievements of women throughout history. They ought to be celebrated for their work and deserve every bit of praise they get.

This day, we look back on some of the most powerful women in history. Madame Curie, the only woman part of the Manhattan Project, has done quite a lot of work. Then there is Grace Murray Hopper, whose work in computer science has boosted the world forward.

Today we take a look at another such person. They accomplished their goal because they believed in themselves and something bigger than themselves. Her name is Bertha Benz and Mercedes Benz gave her this tribute.

Mercedes Benz tribute to Bertha
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Bertha Benz In History

Bertha Benz is known as one of the most influential personalities in history. When she first started her journey, people looked at her with a gaze of ridicule and shock. They thought she was a witch because she was seen driving an early design automobile. Her work in the field gave her the recognition and respect that she deserves.

Bertha Benz is definitely a personality worth having a glance at. The video encompasses everything that she believed in. It shows that people can go quite far if they don’t give up. It takes quite a lot of willpower to move against the wind. However, it is not impossible.

The Tribute By Mercedes

The video starts off with a group of women pushing a cart. As we can see in the video, the cart takes quite a lot of effort to move through the plains. Suddenly, their eyes come across a piece of machinery moving fast across a dirt path. At that time, anything seen out of the ordinary was regarded as witchcraft. So bewildered at what they see, they shout, ‘Witch.’ 

When the Automobile suddenly stops in the middle of the town, the woman gets off and visits a shop. She is further stared at with feelings of hatred. Even the shop owner looks down on her as she asks him for a vehicle part. After she starts it up and moves away, the text appears on the video. It shows how she believed in something more than the car, she believed in herself.

Appreciating Achievements

Bertha Benz can serve as a role model for the women of the community. Not only is her story motivational, but it also talks about overcoming hardships. To enter the industry in such an era where women were kept at home is phenomenal. It shows that talent and vision cannot be kept under lock and eye. If we try hard enough, we can break through the shackles of society.

Bertha Benz certainly decided to move against the wind and succeeded in moving her husband’s inventions much forward. Today, Mercedes is one of the most prime brands in the world. We stand with women and encourage them to pursue their dreams. There is no mountain summit that they cannot reach, no sea they cannot dive in. Every person deserves appreciation for their work.

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