Mercedes and new car reveal electric sedan EQS
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Due to the changing era and its evolvement into electric, many brands have decided to dip into it. Yet another brand to enter this race is one we all know and love. Mercedes Benz has just revealed news and images regarding the new electric sedan. The Mercedes Benz EQS is a vehicle worth checking out, even if you are a fan of the brand or not!

The automotive universe is quite an interesting one. It is quite vast and encompasses a lot of the latest technology being used everywhere. You might be a bit surprised to know that vehicles are now moving towards complete autonomy.

After many a while, long gone will be the days when cars needed drivers to drive them. Imagine stepping into an era where the car is going to reach the destination, all on its own. There will be a new age of technology when this happens and many people are looking forward to it.

Mercedes Benz EQS interior
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Mercedes Benz:

Among the many luxurious brands that exist today, Mercedes is a prime one. If we look at how they have managed to stay afloat all these years, it is because of innovation. Despite the changing world, they also changed with it. They brought about newer innovations in models, be it shape or engine power. They have cemented themselves as one of the best car makers of all time.

In light of just that, they have another vehicle to share with the world. This is the Mercedes Benz EQS. It is an electric sedan which stands quite far from a lot of the recent vehicles. In terms of luxury, it seems that it is going to come out on top. The brand has revealed the interior of the vehicle and some more specifications on the interior.

Tesla left behind my Mercedes Benz EQS interior
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Passing Tesla:

It does seem, from the information we have, that the Mercedes is bounds ahead. It has a huge infotainment display which stretches across the length of the dashboard. The dashboard then transitions towards the rest of the car in a smooth manner, making it hard to distinguish when one starts and the other ends. This is quite new because, in other cars, one can tell that a lot of stuff has been stacked on the dashboard. The interior also has enough lighting capabilities to throw a party in the car.

The car itself, as the brand mentions, is light years ahead in a luxurious interior, as compared to Tesla and older Mercedes models. The infotainment system runs off an octa core CPU and 24GB of ram. This is ample to handle all the computing power that the car can dish out. The EQS is said to have a range of more than 700 kilometers, on a single charge. This is quite a lot of rnage or a car and can last for many days at a time, considering the commute is within the city.

Additionally, it is said to be unveiled on April 15th and will appear on the U.S market later in 2021.

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