A groundbreaking study of 11,583 Americans conducted over a 20-year period has found that good-looking men are more likely to attain better jobs and make more money than similarly desirable women.

The research, conducted by scholars from the Polish Academy of Sciences, was published in the current issue of Social Science Quarterly.

The academics asserted, “Physical attractiveness affects both males’ and females’ intergenerational social mobility outcomes, but it holds greater significance for males,” challenging the traditional notion that physical attractiveness primarily benefits women.

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In 1993, two sociologists from the University of Oslo and the Polish Academy of Sciences selected young Americans aged 12 to 18, utilizing data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (NLSAH).

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Alexi Gugushvili and Grzegorz Bulczak documented participants’ demographic details and socioeconomic status. Subsequently, volunteers were tasked with assessing the physical attractiveness of the participants, using a 4-point scale: Very attractive, attractive, unattractive, and very unattractive.

The Study Report

In their report, Gugushvili and Bulczak said they chose to study how teenagers were seen as good-looking because adults can change their appearance more easily. They looked at the teenagers’ ratings given by others and then, 20 years later, checked if these ratings matched their jobs.

They found that the guys who were thought to be really good-looking as teens ended up with better jobs and higher salaries as adults.

Despite facing challenges like growing up in low-income families or unsafe neighborhoods, handsome men still succeeded in moving up the social ladder.

While attractive women had a slight edge in their careers compared to less attractive women. The report highlights that men reap the most benefits from their looks.

Gugushvili emphasizes, “This indicates that for men, being good-looking significantly impacts their professional achievements. Whether it’s receiving a salary increase, getting promoted, or accessing more competitive job opportunities.”

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