whatsapp headquarters
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Whatsapp has revised its policy, and that has garnered quite some attention from people all over the world, but especially our desi friends who are expressing their opinions about what they think happens in Whatsapp Headquarters.

So the story basically is that Whatsapp has revised its terms and conditions. And for the sake of putting up a pretense, they are sending out a notification. I say pretense because if you do not accept the new terms, the application will stop working for you by 8th February.

The story behind Whatsapp 

But one would wonder, why would no one agree, what is so scandalous in the terms and conditions. So the news is that WhatsApp will be giving access to your info to Facebook. This information will even include any transaction details that you made.

It is all very invasive, true. But it is also interesting to see that people actually thought their information was safe before this notification.

So anyway, right on cue, the memes started rolling in.

Memes on Whatsapp Headquarters

All memes aside, no hurting Whatsapp’s feelings, guys! No talking about switching to telegram on Whatsapp.

And remember, having followed us, they could possibly be more invested in our lives than even we are. So, respect!


When it’s not just you waiting for people to text you anymore. Talk about emotional support!

And if you want to make memes, the best way would be to go for Urdu because what can they do to figure out what we are saying? Use Google Translate? The same google translate that translates Hazelnut as a hazelnut in Urdu?

It’s a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Pretty Little Liars would have been a big fail had the group been using Whatsapp at this time, don’t you think?

With the intensity Whatsapp is being trolled, it will not be unimaginable if they do react this way.

No good meme game is complete without a reference to Chandler Bing and Joey. And my God, what accurate representation fans have extracted.

At the end of the day, it is all your choice; go for Telegram, Signal, or keep using WhatsApp. Because what matters is what keeps you satisfied. So if you are happy with deleting WhatsApp and going to an app that Whatsapp will most likely end up buying sooner than later, go for it. But remember, whatever application you end up with, Big B will still be watching.

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