internet explorer
Image Source: BBC

For Millenials and the older generation, Internet Explorer was the go-to browser in the late 90s and early 2000s. At that time, it used to be great which is why it dominated 95% of the browser market. But then due to no serious updates and more efficient browser launching, the consumers began to shift. Now, it is only at 5%. Currently, Google Chrome is at the top with a 69% browser market share. All this time, Microsoft was dragging Explorer along but now it has finally decided to let it go.

Internet Explorer signing off

The news came forward that by June 2022, Internet Explorer will officially retire. While the news shouldn’t have mattered to many considering not many use it, people jumped onto the bandwagon, sharing memes.

Memes about this particular browser’s experience were definitely hilarious and a lot of people loved them as they could relate. But it also triggered nostalgia for a time when the internet had recently become part of their everyday lives.

Let’s look at them, shall we?

People took the browser being officially let go by Microsoft as its death. With death comes the grim reaper but what is he to do if ‘Internet Explorer is not responding’.

It does take ages for Internet Explorer to respond even if it means the topic is long gone.

Acha chalta hun song fits any and everything that is bidding farewell. And explorer that had been a part of our lives for so long, even if not as a browser but as a funny meme, using this farewell song makes sense.

But now, how will we download Chrome if not by internet explorer?

This is the best joke as of yet. If you are not Internet Explorer, you will get it in one go.

But it’s over.

It will definitely be missed.


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