The latest flagship phone by Meizu has recently been released by the name Pro 7.

Meizu Pro 7 has targeted a high-end market with specs that stand out to compete with the big guns in the market. Let’s see what the phone has to offer!


Just because one display has become a cliché, Meizu has launched two displays in its new phone. Let’s begin with the front display first. It features a 5.2” HD Super AMOLED display. It offers a magnificent experience to the user.

If you want to become too picky, the phone also offers three different display options to choose from. You can adjust to have a better visual experience while watching movies on your phone.

Then comes the back display. It is a 1.9” AMOLED panel that boasts 240 x 536 resolution. You can use the panel for multiple purposes including step counter, weather forecast widgets, and even to take selfies using the rear dual-camera. It is a great aesthetic addition to the cell phone as well.

Great Software

When a phone is quick, it elevated the user experience to a whole new level. Meizu Pro 7 brings that to the table with its Helio P25 Octa-core processor with 4 GB ram. The combination results in a seamless performance making your experience great.

You can open multiple applications, play games, and perform tasks without a lag. To make things even better, the software is designed to consume little power so the battery doesn’t get drained regardless of your usage.

Longer Battery Life

There is nothing more convenient than a long battery life in a cell phone. While the Meizu Pro 7 has a decent 3,000 mAh battery, it contemporary software ensures that it still lasts the day easily with over 20% of the battery left. You can also put it to charge during lunch break for a few minutes. The fast charging feature will ensure that the battery gets charged enough to last until midnight!

Appealing Design

In a mobile phone, the first thing you come in contact with is its design. That needs to make a good first impression for you to like the specs. Meizu Pro 7 brings an aesthetically appealing design to the table. From rounded corners to the exquisite panel display on the back, everything in glass shell makes the phone look great.

The touch and weight of this phone further allow for a more premium feel of the phone. The placement of buttons, however, are same as the other flagships. The left side features a sim jack while the right sides hold a volume rocker as well as a power button. Meizu Pro 7 also comes with a USB type C and dual LED flash.


The new Meizu Pro 7 is a high-end phone on the market. If you are confused whether to give it a try or go with the regular flagship phones, the dual screen, and the attractive design might bring your decision to this phone’s favor. To put it in a nutshell, the specs, camera, and design of this sure are worthy of a try.