mehwish hayat

Instagram has become a go-to platform for celebrities to interact with their followers and share their most candid moments with their fans.

While stars are in the limelight at all times, sometimes their social media activities can spark the most unexpected reaction from their followers.

Various superstars clap back to slam the keyboard warriors, the rest don’t even pay heed to the backlash.

Recently, Mehwish Hayat has found herself in the eye of a social media storm and has ignited quite a hullabaloo over an Instagram post!

Yesterday, the Billi babe posted a sultry photo to flaunt her uber classy jacket by a local brand.

Well, the internet lost their cool after catching a sight of Hayat in skin-tight pants! 

Haters started shaming the starlet!

Some perverted comments were also thrown her way!

The caption on the jacket was blown out of proportion! 

Trolls also compared her to Sunny Leone!

Earlier, in an Instagram post, Mehwish posted a long, powerful message to address the matter of misogyny. By posting a throwback clip to Actor in Law, the Dilagi diva stated that women can wear whatever they choose to and will still be victims of sexual violence.

 The way that a woman dresses has no bearing on the way she is treated. This is simply down to the mentality of some of the misogynistic elements in our society.

The life of a celebrity maybe full of glitz and glamour, however, people often forget they too have a personal life and they too have feelings just like any normal person.

The Internet is full of crappy comments of people body-shaming and bashing celebs on how they dress. If only people realized that there are far more important things than just passing comments on the internet.

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