Not too long ago, Mehwish Hayat raised a serious concern that actually needed to be addressed. The Load Wedding actress was disgusted at what she saw at the ladies’ room at Karachi airport. She highlighted the issue of poor sanitation and how the authorities need to look into it.

Here’s what she had tweeted earlier:

Disgusting! Had misfortune to use the ladies room at Khi Airport – dirty and stinking. Even saw cockroaches. Not only is it unhygienic but is this the first impression we want to give to people arriving here? These are the most basic amenities – let’s clean up our act

Just like Mehwish has raised the issue a month before, she shared pictures of the quick progress taking place and how the authorities finally listened to her plea. She was absolutely delighted at what she saw almost a month later.

The diva tweeted:

So gratifying to pass through KHI Airport today & see this work being carried out on the gents and ladies’ rooms.

Mehwish Hayat thanking the authorities!


Mehwish Hayat truly deserves a round of applause!

“Thank you to the authorities who listened to my request and took action,” the queen of hearts mentioned in her tweet.

As civilians, it is our duty to as raise such concerns for the betterment of our country. Not only that but try to help out as much as we can.

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