mehwish hayat
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Amidst Aiman Khan skinny shaming Mawra and telling the fans they were mistaken in perceiving what she said, it turns out we do have celebrities who realize the significance of being on a public platform. Mehwish Hayat appeared on Vasay Chaudhry’s Ghabrana Mana Hai, the same show that was the Yasir Hussain-Nausheen Shah’s controversy starter.

Body Shaming Ahmed Ali Butt

Many conversations took place on the show. And as the show structure goes, Vasay scours the celebrities’ social media accounts and discusses the context they were taken in. During these topics, Mehwish named Ahmed Ali Butt. Vasay cut her response in between and went on to make a joke hinting towards Ahmed’s body.

Mehwis Hayat stops it midway

Mehwish was not going to have it. She immediately stops it, saying that she will not be involved in any body-shaming humor. Ghabrana Mana Hai host tried recovering from the unexpected setback, saying that he is friends with Ahmed and that he also makes such jokes. Mehwish said that it might be true, but she is of the understanding that jokes about friends should be made when sitting with those friends and not on a platform available to the masses.

Mehwish Hayat on Ghabrana Mana Hai

Having a celebrity who knows the burden of responsibilities that befalls their shoulders is our good luck. More stars who have gained fame from these very screens need to internalize these screens’ significance and the impact they leave on the viewers. And it is nice to see Mehwish Hayat has taken the lead of being the responsible personality we need in today’s day and age.

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