Noor, the young girl who drives rickshaw
Image Source: Twitter

Noor is the perfect example of the women who don’t have an option to feel afraid in the streets. Meet Noor, a bread-winner for her family in the tender years of her teenage.

Not Your Average Rickshaw Driver

A man on Twitter shared a young girl clad in black shalwar kameez with a purple scarf thrown over her head. She was straddling her bike with purpose and had the most courageous and confident smile on her face. It was Noor. 

Noor is the bread-winner of her family in such years of youth. She had to leave her school to start earning once her father passed away. She now fills in her father’s footsteps by driving his very own rickshaw and making money.

Noor and Her Family

Noor’s mother sells shoppers to make her ends meet. Her other siblings are too small to do anything yet. They all live in a rented house in Labour Colony in Sheikhupura, and her mother also met with an unfortunate accident recently. The man who shared the news about Noor the first time has visited the family.

In his words, they’re living in “Deplorable conditions.” He urges everyone to help them end their plight.

Noor’s Bravery Is Commendable

Noor, like many other women, does not have an option to feel afraid of what the streets mean for them. We must also not romanticize the position Noor is in. She has no choice but to be healthy, resilient, and courageous because if she’s not, they will starve to death.

When we call her brave, we have to acknowledge what it is exactly that’s fighting. She’s fighting the other rickshaw driving men who will purposely chase her, dodge her or catcall her. Moreover, she will let men sit into her rickshaw, who will have the worst of intentions. That’s the reality Noor has to face, so yes, she is brave, but she also has no option but to be that.

A Small Donation Can Mean The World To The Deserving

The man who shared the picture knows where Noor resides and has also promised to visit again. You can get in touch with him via Twitter and donate as much as you easily can. A small donation can mean a whole day of hard work for Noor and recovery for her mother.

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