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A Pakistani 10-year-old, Nadub Gill from Derbyshire, United Kingdom has set a remarkable Guinness world record as the fastest mathematician on times table rock star app!

Nadub achieved the highest score on times table app in a total of one minute. In this record attempt, he answered an average of three multiplication and division questions every second – one ninety-six questions in sixty seconds.

Nadub’s mother says that he always took a keen interest in mathematics. Every time when he would get homework, he would want to do the math homework first.

Since three years, he has been practising on the multiplication and division app – Time Table Rockstar to achieve the speed in which he can solve these questions. He has been proficient with numbers since the very beginning and maybe this is his true calling! His teachers and family have been encouraging with his goal to achieve this title.

Nadub says he has been practising for an hour every single day without any breaks. It is his hard work that has made it possible for him to achieve the title. He is an inspiration for us all! Only hard work and dedication has helped him achieve his goals.

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Since most of the world is under lockdown, Nadub spent most of his time on the multiplication and division app which polished his skills immensely. The British Pakistani boy did something useful with his time during quarantine and ended up carving a mark for himself.

People have been calling him “A Super Hero” 

Many students at the age of 10 struggle with Math at school. While some fall in love with the subject, others do not want to take the subject if given a choice.

I am very excited to achieve this title. It’s all just like a good dream”. – Nadub Gill


Bill Gates will probably not take a minute! 

A user on YouTube is eager to take Nadub to his school because the kid is too smart and can be used as a calculator! 

While some people think anybody can achieve this if they practice! Well, duh – not everyone wants to practice!

So relatable! 

You don’t want to argue with this kid online

Someone was wondering if there is a title for watching movies continuously 

The kid is just too fast – nobody can keep up with him

Haters will hate! 

All Asian parents want a kid like Nadub – Good at maths and science

The joke is on the teacher 

” The more you practice the better you will get”. – Nadub Gill

We hope Nadub does better things with his talent. We wish him all the best!

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