Self Made Millionaire
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Remember Danish investing in Shahveer’s company and then becoming a millionaire. He did make a calculated decision after he heard inside info from those workers. Not cool, Danish! But yeah, mostly when we hear about a sudden self-made millionaire, it’s usually due to stock market ups and downs. And while that also requires brains, some old fashioned work to become a millionaire is also widely appreciated.

How Bisma Khan became a brand

You can see such a case in Pakistan’s very own Bisma Khan. Instead of going into stocks, she invested her time in what she is good at. She started doing her own business. The whole thing started with a mere PKR 6,000 that she gathered during eid. Through that money, she bought some oils, and through her recipe mixture, she created Magic Hair Oil. Remember, this is all happening at the young of 17.

Self Made Millionaire
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BK Drip, BK Care, BK Foundation

Employing her youtube channel, which had some following and her excellent business mind, she was able to profit from this small establishment to create her own company with the name of BK care. Following the success of BK care, Bisma also introduced BK Drip, her clothing line. The clothing brand also went on to be successful enough to pay her A-levels fee, which we all know is quite a lot.

The BK companies also include BK Foundation, which helps the underprivileged, so a percentage of her earnings goes to that foundation. All in all, with BK Care and BK Foundation, Bisma Khan has made quite a name for herself, and we appreciate her.

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Looking at the life of the self-made millionaire

The appreciation increases by manifold when one hears about what she has been through. Bisma, at the age of 17, witnessed her parents’ separation. However, she decided to convert what she felt from that into her business, and we can see the fruits of her efforts very clearly. Now, at 18, Bisma Khan is rocking with her own company and excelling at her work.

But does everyone have a similar business mind? No. But it also doesn’t mean that everyone has to become a millionaire. All we can do is make the right kind of decision and not succumb to distractions that kids at this age are prone to. Take a leaf out of Bisma’s book and have a positive approach. Because life may throw lemons at you, it does at everybody. You just have to decide to make the shikanji with it. And wh know, you may be the next self-made millionaire.

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