The writer of recently-released Kaaf Kangana has been under some serious fire after his controversial video interview that has gone viral in a day.


In the interview, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar is seen defending his ideas and ‘Philosophy’ on feminism, cheating, and the way he sees our society.

While discussing his popular drama Mere Pass Tum Ho which received plenty of criticism, here’s what he said:

“It (Mere Pass Tum Ho) is a story of several men, not just one,” he said. “I have come across multiple married couples who go through the same ordeal. I’ve observed when a married woman cheats, she doesn’t feel ashamed at all. The reason behind her not feeling guilty is because she has been backed by another man. When an unmarried woman cheats, she feels guilty.”

“But when a married man betrays his wife, he feels guilty. He feels embarrassed.”

While blaming women for about everything that goes wrong on planet earth, Qamar maintained that women themselves have ridiculed men.

“To me, the only beautiful trait a woman can possess is her loyalty and her haya/modesty. If a woman isn’t loyal then she is not a woman. Register an FIR against me for if you don’t subscribe to my point of view but I won’t budge.”

The Kaaf Kangana director further elaborated that he is a feminist to the core, but he is slightly selective about his politics.

“Trust me, you’ll not find a bigger feminist in Pakistan, but I fight for good women only. Loyalty is a woman’s virtue; don’t challenge it.”

Since then, he is being mockingly called ‘the biggest feminist and progressive writer’ as social media users are bashing him left right and center.

Among them are a few influential celebrities who are using their voice to discourage such toxic mindsets.

Popular Pakistani film director, Jami recently took to his Twitter account to express his views on the writer:

Meesha Shafi also took the opportunity to shed light on the matter.

Ali Gul Pir, comedian and writer also chimed in.

And as expected, the Ehd-e-wafa star Osman Khalid Butt also spoke up:

Take a look at the full interview here:

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