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Veteran actress, Meera dismisses rumors about being stranded in New York City a lie on her official Instagram account after false information circulated on social media.

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Other actors shooting for a film that have just made it back to Pakistan from Thailand have been on the news for a while now and people thought maybe Meera’s following similar footsteps, only the difference this time is that she is not stranded in New York.

Some people thought this was a publicity stunt to make it back to the headlines. However, this isn’t true!

The veteran actress earlier pleaded the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan to help her come back to Pakistan during the pandemic as she is stuck abroad.

“In my video, I had asked requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to bring me home. As a Pakistani, it is my right.” As COVID-19 kills more and more people every day, Meera reminds people that “This is not the time to mock or ridicule people.”

She clarified further, “The Pakistan embassy in New York knows of my whereabouts and I am grateful to Council General Ayesha Ali [for her help so far],” proving that she is in fact stranded abroad.

“Even yesterday around 500 people died due to coronavirus in New York, of which I am very scared”. She finished her message by adding that upon returning to Pakistan, she hopes she would be able to play her part by helping those affected by the virus.

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