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[Update]: Meera Jee, the famous Lollywood star time and again makes news for various reasons. But most of the time it is due to her non-accurate English. This time, however, it was about Meera Jee getting forcibly admitted to a mental hospital. People thought it to be accurate considering it was her mom herself who had claimed it. But in a recent interview with a TV channel, the actress has denied the rumors.

Misunderstanding – Meera Jee

She claimed that her mother had misunderstood what had happened and it remained so because her phone had been snatched and she was without it for two days. She also said that she will tell the public about the entire fiasco when she returns to Pakistan but that may take some time. This is because she will first be going to Dubai to sort out her property and then come back to Karachi.

In times where anything can become news and spread like wildfire, we should be more vigilant about the words we use as they can take a life of their own.

[April 8th, 2021]: When something remotely linked to Meera, it makes headlines. Not always is it something that should get sensationalized but to get more views and traffic, publications and news channels used terminologies and twist the stories in a way that change the matter at hand.

This time around as well, a story went viral which said that Meera had been forcibly admitted to a mental hospital. Meera’s mom was contacted by a TV channel. She too confirmed that during a phone call Meera had said that she was being forcibly sent to a mental hospital. And when she tried contacting

Meera again on her personal number, she had been unable to. In the video, Meera’s mom was requesting the government to help in Meera’s return.

After that, numerous speculations came up about the reason why she was sent there. While some said that this happened after a financial dispute with a Pakistani-American man, others speculated it to be because of her faulty English.

But no one delved into what was really going on and they started making fun of Meera jee as well as her life, and English, cashing on the name.

Seeing this, celebrities jumped in this matter. Armeena Khan, the Bin Roye Actress urged the people to be kind because if this news about Meera being in a mental hospital was true then she needed all the support.

Imran Abbas also carried the torch forward mentioning that he has in fact been in contact with the celebrity in question and there was nothing wrong with her. He was pissed at how the channels were twisting and molding the stories for their own benefit saying, “Calling someone mentally unstable is not a bloody joke.

And he is right, we should be more responsible in what we spread.

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