Schools, colleges, and universities have certainly progressed over the years. With the enhanced technological boom it has become impossible for educational institutes to ban the use of cellphones in the vicinity. More than an accessory, phones are now a necessity in today’s world.

However, there is one such institute in Lahore, Punjab that still bans the use of mobile phones by students enrolled with them. The Avicenna Medical College strictly prohibits the use of cell phones, laptops, and entire social media as well. While some deem the ban as reasonable, the rest are bashing the Institute for its strict policy.

Recently, a video from the Avicenna Medical College has created quite the buzz over social media.

In the video, the phones which seem to be confiscated from the students are being destroyed to bits and pieces. It has been said that this action was taken to ‘discipline’ the students and ‘teach them a lesson’.

Watch the video from Avicenna Medical College Below:

The video caused quite the outrage, not only was it a major financial loss for the students and parents who owned the phones, but it was a breach of personal property. Many believed that the Dean had no right to destroy the phones in such a manner.

The college also has other strict rules that students have to follow these include:

  1. Hairstyles for Girls and Boys
  2. Specific dress codes for all students
  3. No use of Mobile phones or laptops on the premises
  4. The use of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks is ‘discouraged’ and monitored.


Here’s how people reacted to the video and rules put up by Avicenna Medical College!


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