Karachi has seen a drastic improvement in eateries during the last 2 years and Meat The Cheese is one such eatery that has added ‘respect’ for food in the city.

Situated at Bukhari Commercial in Defence, Meat the Cheese is where ‘Cheese Meets Food’ and makes you want to return for more visits.

When you enter the premises, the sweet smell of cheese greets you just like it greets Jerry in the famous Tom and Jerry animated series. One look at the menu makes you want to pinch yourself because to get such a Cheesy menu, you have to be dreaming.

Every dish looks better than the last one and it is difficult to select the one on the basis of the first-look. So here we go, making your life easy and delicious at the same time.

Let’s get started!

The person who said that ‘The tastier the start, the better’ must have been a foodie with a huge appetite; I can’t imagine him going to Meat The Cheese and coming back without ending the trip on a full stomach.

Although starters are meant to keep you busy till the real deal arrives, here we have a chance to start with the real deal.


The Cheesy Chick on a Stick and Fingers Crossed can cater to your hunger needs and that of your friend with whom you have visited the place.

While the former is a yummy-licious dish with Chicken skewers on a bed of crispy fries, the latter is in reality stuffed Chicken Fingers with a special sauce that will keep you engrossed for some time.

Pizza, Pasta and Puns

Have you heard of the Upside Down Pizza that is making waves in Karachi? Well, this is the place where they serve the Crack Pot Pie to those who are tired of eating the traditional pizza in the usual manner.

This pizza not only looks good but tastes ah-mazing – it is so loaded with cheese and chicken, multiple kinds of spices as well as tomato sauce to die for, making it an experience worth your time.

It is so Crack Pot that when the pizza would be overturned in front of your eyes, you will forget that anything else exists in the world except you and the pizza.

Then there is Mr. Alfredo the Pasta dish that will make you fall in love with Pasta all over again.

This dish comes with a chicken piece on top of the meticulously cooked Pasta and doesn’t disappoint even the die-hard lovers of Pasta. Yes, the bread seems a little hard but who needs a bread when the Alfredo is too cheesy to be true. Mark it as one of the dishes to try when in the vicinity!

The Burger Crowd!

And if you still feel hungry, go for the Chipotle Bee Eff Eff which is as different from the competition as its name. This Burger comes with a Beef Patty that is laced with Chipotle Sauce which is topped with melting cheese and served with sweet potato to beef up the matter.

The fried egg adds color to the delicious platter that comes with fries and coleslaw. The cheese present here is hygienic as well as per your liking as the chef knows what’s best for you. We had to take it away with us as one more bite would make us unmovable … be ready for that!

That’s not all … the place has many amazing deals that we haven’t even mentioned here. You will have to visit Meat The Cheese to Meet The Cheese (pun intended) so better hurry up, for the love of food and on your way out, say Cheese!