mcdonalds foodpanda break records
Image Source: Foodpanda

Think of fast food and McDonald’s pops into your head. Think of the fastest food delivery with a variety of options available to order and you can only see Foodpanda. The good news is that our favourite food brands have come together to break the world together and your help is needed.

The 2019 Victory

In 2019 McDonald’s broke the world record for the highest number of orders in a day. Naturally, McDonald’s can be expected to be making these victories given that from the day it came to Pakistan to now, it is still the best comfort food.

mcdonalds foodpanda break records
Image Source: QSR Magzaine

The market for burgers may be more saturated than we can imagine but nothing beats the first bite of a Big Mac. Or if you’re a McChicken person we accept that too!

Breaking Records Again

This year Foodpanda and McDonald’s have partnered to gear up for another mission. They are bent on breaking the world record again with an even higher sales target! And here’s the best part– the deals are worth salivating over!

This partnership is possibly an incredible strategist move for both groups. Foodpanda and McDonald’s have their own niche in the market which sets them apart from many. Moreover, their demand is most likely to be inelastic too! So if anyone can break the records together, it’s Mcdonalds x Foodpanda.

What Are The Deals?

The deals McDonald’s has created will light bulb in your head. As soon as you see them, given how exciting they are, you’ll hop on board to order!

mcdonalds foodpanda break records
Image Source: Foodpanda

The 13th of March is the day of the collaboration and it’s got deals to hook you. 

Get a chicken muffin and 8 oz. tea OR 1 McChicken with a drink for only Rs.150. Isn’t it the deal of your dreams?

How Can We Get It?

The deals will be available at 1 respective branch in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.  The deals are available for delivery via Foodpanda and takeaway/delivery by Mcdonalds’s itself.

  • Corniche Seaview Karachi – McDonald’s
  • McDonald’s – Y block Lahore
  • McDonald’s – F9 Park Islamabad

Get your wallets and groups of friends or family ready because on the 13th of March there is a McDonald’s party and you’re invited.

mcdonalds foodpanda break records
Image Source: The Guardian

How Will You Spend 13th March?

13th March is a Saturday which means the night will be one to party away because the next day is Sunday. For many, it will also mean it’s a holiday to begin with. You can plan your day with movies with (a small group) of friends or just a night-in with your family. And of course, the menu will be McDonald’s deals brought to you by Foodpanda.


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