MBBS students share their struggles
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MBBS is regularly taking its spot on Twitter’s trends nowadays. Last time it was trending, students spoke about their struggles in the most humorous of ways. However, this time it’s not all jokes. If you want to pursue the MBBS degree or you know someone who currently is, this one is for you!

The Race of Medical Students

If you’ve seen three idiots, you’ll know that all academic pursuits are toxic races. However, medical degrees take the cake. From the rigorous acceptance process to the 1000s of tests, you have to clear to the leg and the arm you have to donate to finance it, ‘medical’ can be a nightmare. 

Students forget who they were, why they’re doing that and who they’re doing it for. As MBBS trends on Twitter, find out what they’re saying:

The ATM Dreams

According to half the students on Twitter, the primary reasons students opt for this degree is not passion. It’s a financial incentive. Our culture is starkly different from the Western. While money is still valued there, it is not synonymous with other things. For instance, in Pakistan, wealth immediately grants you respect and holds you above the law.

Most students, although funnily, wrote about what they’re going to be earning soon. More money also means more marriage prospects, greater respect, and comfortable life. 

Gone Are The Happy Days

Students also expressed their sentiments in a humorous way regarding their selves. The degree can become so over-powering and over-whelming that you can forget how to socialize thoroughly.

Medical students also complain about not having any self-respect left by the second year of their degree. The back and forth between books, being taken for granted by teachers, can boil down your self prestige.

Struggles of MBBS students
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Many also joked about being a first-year, not knowing one bone from another and yet being called a doctor. But, they’re not complaining! They enjoy it while it lasts and quietly accepts it.

Why Something Needs To Be Done

All jokes set aside; this is the second time students are gathering to joke about their situations. All degrees are tough to pursue. However, the pressure a medical degree exerts is unlike any other. Isn’t it time for their voices to be heard? Compromising of the mental health of the students should not be a rite of passage for a degree.

Focus on extra-curricular, regular breaks, and more significant gaps in the semesters can be some of the strategies implemented to keep the students afloat. Many students are passionate about becoming doctors, yet they can not take the pressure. Education of the path to a profession should be all-inclusive. 

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