Master MoltyFoam, Pakistan’s leading mattress manufacturer, collaborated with Kaghan Development Authority to help curb the unnecessary use of plastic in the northern areas and facilitate the government in making Kaghan Valley green again.

Under KDA’s “Clean Green Pakistan” initiative, the brand offered a hand by distributing bio-degradable bags in the valley. This campaign aims to reduce the carbon footprint in the valley and promote a sustainable future by promoting the concept of reusing your own bag and refusing unnecessary plastic. As per the representatives of the brand, Master MoltyFoam is developing climate combat programs to encourage a pivotable action plan from the business community of Pakistan.

Not only this, to elevate the tourist’ experience, Master MoltyFoam also installed bill beds in various areas including Lullusar, Naran, Jhalkad and Saif-ul-Malook, etc. intending to support tourism by assisting the government and creating comfortable spaces where tourists and locals can relax.

Since KDA is constantly working for the sustainable development of this area, the KDA authorities applauded this initiative by MoltyFoam. As per the representatives to KDA, keeping in mind the fact that there are tourists that are coming in thousand per day, they have no place to relax or sit. So, this MoltyFoam initiative of installing the benches is really boosting KDA’s sustainable development objective.

Not only this but the initiative is being widely applauded by the natives as well as renowned figures all over the country and beyond.

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