Master Changan has been brewing a storm with a fresh take on its campaigning strategy for the Alsvin, which has cemented its spot as the premium midrange smart sedan. Apart from being packed with innovative technology and an environmentally-friendly Euro 5 engine, they are making it very affordable so you get your money’s worth.

Let’s start with the campaign. The OOH billboard is bound to capture your undivided attention towards the brand and the vehicle. It asks you to ignore the Alsvins on the road, but also pokes a little fun by saying that you won’t be able to do so even if you try. One thing’s for sure: ignoring the billboard is just as difficult as ignoring the car itself.


The Alsvin comes in 3 models, 1.37 manual, 1.5 DCT comfort, and the top-of-the-line 1.5 Lumiere, which comes with additional features, such as the cruise control, heated side mirrors, TPMS, electric sunroof, that you might not even find in the most expensive sedans. Like many brands looking to position their cars in a relatively multi-feature category and attractive yet affordable cost starting with just Rs2,424,000, Master Changan has also done the same with their sedan.

“Success doesn’t come to you, you have to go forward and capture it instead. The road ahead can be straight and smooth or full of twists and turns. But remember to keep moving forward, don’t look back, don’t return. If it’s greatness you want, it’s greatness you get.” This power driven mantra by Master Changan is the essence of their brand that is strategically and creatively communicated through their campaigns as well.

Let’s get down to brass tacks: Master Changan’s marketing campaign is one-of-a-kind in Pakistan. The campaign revolves around the idea of breaking the status quo, from an individual’s point of view, and just as importantly, the current dynamic of the automobile industry which has seen just a couple of brands at the forefront for quite some time. Everything that’s been put into effect – from the TVC to radio ad, social media posts to billboards – demands you to take a second look at the car and think about it, no matter which brand your inclination is towards. The ideology behind this is to make the individual realize their dreams through a number of relatively unusual approaches. The radio ad is from a vehicle’s point of view, where it says things like “be afraid of twists in life”, and “who cares about moving forward?”, using a sarcastic tone to make you realize the context of the ad. It also advises you to not pay attention to the Alsvin commercial, because you might change your mind and buy it. The intriguing part is that when you listen to the ad, it will actually encourage you to be more steadfast in pursuing your dreams, as well as solidify the Alsvin as the catalyst for you to achieve those dreams.

The TVC incorporates stunning visuals, courtesy of the daring stunt that sees the car driving on two wheels. This is paired with a very holistic message, which is the exact representation of the vehicle itself. Safe to say that the Pakistani people have never seen a commercial with so much adrenaline and action in a commercial, without using CGI. Oh, and the ad was made by Master Changan and was shot in Turkey by German director Markus Roche. Take a look for yourself:

If we talk about the design and features of the vehicle, it is near impossible to compare it to any vehicle, which makes it evident that Master Changan is creating its own lane. The exterior sports a streamlined look, which is also reflected in the interior of the car. The user’s ease of access is primed through a 7” Human Machine Interface, which allows you to tweak a variety of features to your liking.

The billboards put up all over the country represent the prime message of the Changan Alsvin, which is #driveyourdreams. The message is pretty straightforward: get the Alsvin and be steadfast on your bigger dream in life. The brand is all set to create its own market space for its vehicles. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, Master Changan’s marketing genius is bound to tickle your brain.

It is irregular to see a brand that has quite recently entered the Pakistani market to adopt such a bodacious strategy towards its promotion. Such techniques have not been pervasive in the business, be that as it may, it shows the aim of Master Changan to mess up the works for different makers and separate itself to be novel in each perspective, regardless of whether it be their vehicles or advertising fervor.