Maryam Pereira

TV One gets on board with a new venture, Maryam Pereira, that not just has a captivating plot but also star some amazing names from our entertainment industry. It is a story of love, hatred, and lust for power, with so many turns and twists.

Maryam Pereira will highlight the misuse of power by feudal lords in our rural areas and the problems faced by minorities.

The Plot of Maryam Pereira

Maryam Pereira (Sadia Khan) is a Christian girl, who teaches at a local college and is the bread earner of her family. Maryam is a confident girl of principles and stands up for her community against the land mafia, headed by Sadiq Khan (Ayub Khosa).

Emmad Irfani as Sufyan is the brother of Maryam’s best friend, who truly loves her, but Maryam doesn’t accept his proposal, prioritizing her family’s responsibility and this makes Sufiyan leave the country.

Ali Khan (Ahsan Khan) joins Maryam’s college as a professor and is instantly impressed by her personality. Ali Khan’s father Hakim Khan (Rasheed Naz) is a feudal lord and supports Sadiq Khan, who not just only wants the land but also desires to possess Maryam Pereira.

Will Ali go against his father to stand up with Maryam and support her community? Watch Maryam Pereira every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on TV One.


Ahsan Khan

Sadia Khan

Emmad Irfani

Rasheed Naz

Ayub Khosa

Simi Raheal

Farhin Iqbal

Laila Zuberi


Iqbal Hussain

Concept by

Seema Taher Khan


Riffat Siraj

Khalilullah Farooqui (Script Supervisor)

Executive Producer

Seema Taher Khan


Every Wednesday (Started from 10th October), 8:00 p.m.


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Maria Meer and Naveed Nashad share the vocals in this melodious OST of Maryam Pereira, written by Mubbashir Hassan.

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