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 Mera Jism Meri Marzi‘ (My body, my choice) was already scrutinized when it first made a manifestation on a placard at Aurat March last year, but the motto was given a new life when writer Khalilur Rehman went on a spree and attacked Marvi Sirmed for saying it on national television this week.

Khalilur Rehman Qamar, cursed journalist and social activist Marvi Sirmed on live television with no remorse.

This certain issue has garnered a lot of attention amongst the masses. From celebrities to journalists to laymen – everyone has given their two cents on the matter.

While some believe that #MeraJismMeriMarzi is consent, forced childbirth and rape among other things, others say that it’s the legalization of prostitution’ and indecent.

Amidst all the discussions on Aurat March, Marvi Sermid shared on Twitter how she is being threatened.

Sirmed wrote,

Some low life leaked my cell no & email on social media platforms. Self proclaimed protectors of women & of Islamic culture are sending me messages and calls full of rape & murder threats, asking to sell sex, and hurling all kinds of filthy sexual inuendo. So much for Islam!”

To her tweet, there were some renowned people who responded.

Hassan Zaidi 

Gulalai Ismail 

Parvaiz Alam

Writer Khalil ur Rehman has now been banned from a few TV channels after he lost his patience on live TV. We’ll have to wait and see what more will come out of this ongoing debate of feminism/non-feminist.

Aurat March takes place on Sunday 8th March on Women’s Day.

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