Maria B Shares Her Experience Working with International Models

Renowned Pakistani designer Maria B, known for her luxury clothing brand, recently appeared on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast, where she shared her candid thoughts on the modelling industry. The successful designer, who has worked with top Pakistani actors and models, as well as international models, revealed the striking difference in fees between local and international models.

According to Maria B, international models charge significantly less than their Pakistanis. She explained that international models work for “less or affordable charges,” whereas local models are “very expensive” due to the limited number of girls in the field. Maria B understands the concerns of parents who are hesitant to let their daughters join the fashion industry, which she acknowledges is not always a positive environment.

However, this limited supply of local models means they can command high fees. Maria B noted that some well-known Pakistani models charge a hefty amount, whereas international models charge around $500 per day, regardless of the number of dresses they wear. This disparity in fees is striking, and Maria B’s revelation has sparked a conversation about the modelling industry’s dynamics.

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Maria B’s experience working with international models, including Turkish stars Didem Balcin and Gulsim Ali, has given her a unique perspective on the industry. Her comments highlight the challenges faced by Pakistani models and the need for a more supportive environment for them to thrive.

The designer’s candid remarks have sparked a debate about the modelling industry’s fees and the value placed on local talent. As the conversation continues, it remains to be seen how Maria B’s comments will impact the industry and the models who work within it. One thing is certain, however: Maria B’s voice is one to be reckoned with, and her opinions are always worth listening to.

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