Mardan Bride
Image Source: Twitter

Often, women set Haq Mehr that is so interesting that they go viral. In the past, there was this man who gave a handwritten Quran to his wife. Today, a Mardan bride has demanded a haq mehr worth PKR 100,000 but not in currency notes.

Mardan Bride and books

The woman belongs to Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and she has demanded that her husband provides books as haq Mehr. Usually, Haq Mehr is set by the girl’s family in our culture. And it is almost always a financial amount. But in originality, the Haq mehr is the bride’s right. And the Mardan bride has used it by telling her husband that more than money, she would prefer getting books. But the books, in total, should be worth 1 lac rupees.

Naila Shamal, the bride, is an author herself and hence, loves reading. Moreover, she is marrying someone who is also an author.

So it seems that the two authors decided to strengthen their bond with the exchange of books as the first gift post marriage.

Breaking stereotypes

She says that it is her way of breaking the stereotypical wrong traditions that have been embedded in our wedding customs.

“I asked for books because, firstly, everything has become so expensive. We can’t afford these things [lavish weddings] due to inflation. I did this because we need to put an end to wrong customs. Our lives are getting so difficult due to them.”

“Every woman wants gold and money, but as a writer, I asked for books. If, as a writer, I myself do not value books, how can I expect ordinary people to value them? This was the real reason I asked for books for my haq mehr — we need to value books ourselves so we can ask others to do so as well.”

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