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In a bid to modernize its travel document system, Pakistan’s Immigration and Passport department has initiated the issuance of e-passports, marking a significant stride towards enhanced security and efficiency for Pakistani citizens traversing borders.

Transitioning to Digital Platforms

E-passports, distinguished by an embedded electronic chip storing vital personal information including fingerprints, are hailed globally for their robust security features. With their adoption, Pakistan joins the ranks of over 150 nations leveraging this advanced technology to bolster border control measures and streamline international travel.

E-Passport fee structure in Pakistan for January 2024
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The advent of e-passports supplants the conventional manual issuance process, ushering in a new era of convenience by enabling online applications. This digital transformation empowers applicants to navigate the passport acquisition journey with unprecedented ease, marking a departure from the bureaucratic hurdles of yesteryears.

Cost Breakdown for Ordinary E-Passports

For prospective e-passport holders, the application procedure mirrors that of obtaining a Machine Readable Passport (MRP). Key prerequisites include furnishing essential personal details such as first name, last name, and relative’s name, ensuring compliance with prescribed character limits.

Crucially, alongside the introduction of e-passports comes a revised fee structure tailored to accommodate various categories and durations. The fee breakdown for Ordinary e-passports is delineated below:

For a 36-page e-passport, valid for either 5 or 10 years, applicants can expect to incur a nominal fee. The standard fee for a 5-year validity period stands at Rs. 9,000, while an expedited service, labeled as “Urgent,” commands a fee of Rs. 15,000. Similarly, for a decade-long validity, the fee is set at Rs. 13,500 for normal processing and Rs. 22,500 for urgent issuance.

Catering to Diverse Passport Needs

Alternatively, individuals requiring a 72-page e-passport can avail themselves of the same tenure options, albeit at a higher fee structure reflective of the increased page count. For a 5-year validity, the fee amounts to Rs. 16,500 under normal circumstances and Rs. 27,000 for urgent processing. Meanwhile, a 10-year validity incurs a fee of Rs. 24,750 for regular processing and Rs. 40,500 for urgent issuance.

e-passport fees: Interior ministry rebuffs rumours
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The introduction of e-passports in Pakistan modernizes travel documentation, offering citizens a secure and easy way to travel internationally.

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