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Mansha Pasha and Jibran Sharif is no doubt one of our favourite couples. Recently, when a troll pushed them to tell fans about the baby status, Mansha Pasha had the wittiest reply.

Mansha Pasha Has A Sense of Humour

The talented actress posted a video to her Instagram account in which she and her husband are playing with a baby. The two can be seen totally gushing over the adorable and happy child who is also loving the attention. We have to say, seeing Jibran Sharif like that with a baby is hard to believe!


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However, the caption is what is making people laugh. She writes, “who doesn’t love babies? Especially those you can give back after playing with them”. The statement could not be more truthful and hilarious at the same time. We are sure those mothers stuck with their hyper and bored children at home due to quarantine will definitely agree.

Fishing For ‘Good News’

A fan or troll (hard to tell) in the comment was fishing for ‘good news’. This good news is our desi way of asking whether the other person is expecting a child— haven’t we all heard this phrase directed to newly married women? However, in this fishing expedition, the troll only landed a witty reply from Pasha herself.

mansha pasha good news
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It appears Mansha Pasha is also very approachable for her fans! In most of her pictures there are at least a couple of direct responses from her to even random queries. For instance, when someone again asked whether this was her child, she replied to them. Not even in a rude way, just a genuine, honest reply. 

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The Good News Phenomena

The world may never know the good news phenomena that are embedded in South Asian culture. Newly married couples are rarely given a week after their wedding until when the good news queries start coming. 

The funniest part is when if the newly married woman gains a little weight due to all the lunches and dinners and brunches, it’s assumed to be the ‘good news’. In this case, Mansha Pasha’s words are befitting: “bullet train nahi hai”.

What’s In Store For The Couple?

Jibran Nasir has been making waves in politics since he entered. He has also amassed a considerable amount of supports. Perhaps in the near future Nasir may run for a position in the official government. Would you support him?

mansha pasha good news
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Mansha Pasha, on the other hand, is also on the upward curve be it in setting fashion trends or acting gigs. We can’t wait to see what’s in the pipeline for her. 

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