Manhattan International (Pvt.) Ltd., one of the oldest ad agencies of Pakistan, celebrated on Friday, March 1, the 60th work anniversary of their Director Administration, Zafar Ullah Poshni.

Having a natural flair for writing, former Army Officer Mr. Poshni – age 93 – joined Manhattan in 1959 as a Copywriter a few years after ending his military career. He went on to become the Creative Director of the Agency within five years and functioned as its Creative Head for over 35 years.

During his tenure as the Creative Director, Mr. Poshni and his team produced some of the most outstanding advertisements and jingles, most notable and popular of its time being the ISPR advert of the late 70s, early 80s, Pakistani Fauj Kay Jawan Hain Hum, Har Ghari Taiyar Kamran Hain Hum; it was conceived and written by Mr. Poshni, and is still being telecast on special occasions.

At the start of the 21st Century, he was transferred to the relatively less onerous post of Director Administration in deference to his age. As he celebrates his completing 60 years at the agency, he still continues to assist the Creative Department in Proofreading and Translations.

Mr. Poshni is among the first to arrive at the office every morning and daily puts in a full 9 hours of work – sometimes even longer. “I have worked 60 years for Manhattan,” said Mr. Poshni, “and very proud of my achievements and to be celebrating my Diamond Jubilee with my colleagues. To be looked up to and be respected by everyone at Manhattan is something that gives me tremendous pride and joy.”

The occasion was marked with a celebration of Mr. Poshni’s legacy, his greatest works and high-tea party at Manhattan, where Manhattan International founder and Chairman, Mr. Bashir Ahmed Khan, CEO Mr. Dara Bashir Khan, Mr. Poshni and others gave speeches. His family and close friends were also invited to celebrate with him.
His tireless effort, supreme skills and uncompromising ethics are cherished by everyone at Manhattan and we wish him many more years of good health and service.