Karachi, October 20, 2022: Nadeem Mandviwala, CEO Mandviwala Entertainment and Associate Producer The Legend of Maula Jatt, Adnan Zahoor addressed the media present in large numbers to shed light on the recent controversies regarding the screening of Maula Jatt, at a five-star hotel here, earlier today.

Undisputedly the biggest and costliest film produced in Pakistan The Legend of Maula Jatt, has lived up to the expectations of viewers worldwide. However, there has been much reported in the media about the distributor of the film not releasing the movie for screening at all theatres. Speaking on the occasion Mandviwalla said, “Universally whenever mega productions are released cinema owners or groups support such films by giving more screens so that maximum box office collections are done in the initial fortnight. In the alternative, where screens are unavailable, admission rates are increased, and a higher percentage of the box office is shared with the distributors. The objective is to assist the film’s   box office collection in the initial period and support the distributors and producers without sacrificing the revenue of the exhibitor. A win-win for all.

‘Unfortunately, in Pakistan, some cinema groups opted to not go the extra mile and support the costliest Pakistani production to date, justifying their decision not to do so by misrepresenting facts. I am here to present you all facts and figures, so you understand the situation and the economics surrounding it and am happy to answer all queries.”

After providing a detailed brief on the subject Mandviwala fielded all questions thrown his way to the satisfaction of the media present. High tea was served to conclude the event.